acrylic painting


I sold two paintings today! They were both 12″ x 36″ rock paintings done from photos taken along the Elbow River in the Elbow Falls area. I was given a challenge of posting photos of 5 paintings in 5 days on Facebook and the buyers saw my posting and contacted me. The two were favourites of mine so it was a bit hard to see them go but they had just been sitting in my closet and will now go to a new home where they will get to be on display. That sure beats a life in a closet.

Farley the Canuck Pup from Start to Finish

I painted this for our daughter who LOVES our Golden Retriever Farley and enjoys dressing him up. Our daughter is an adult but sometimes they never grow up (this refers to our dog too). Just for fun I thought I would show the steps that led up to the finished painting (see the bottom photo).

Farley in a hat, step 1
Step Two
Farley in a hat – Step 3 – Almost done
Finished Painting!