A little bit about me:

I was born in the States but I am a Canadian through and through. I was a geologist for over 20 years before I retired, but rocks are still one of my passions.  My interests, other than painting, are biking, tennis, hiking, travelling and gardening.   I have a crazy Golden Retriever who is not really supportive of my painting – less time and attention for him.  However, I have a husband who IS supportive of my painting, even though he never wants to pick up a paintbrush himself. 

A little bit about my art:

Living in Calgary, Alberta allows me to enjoy the incredible beauty of both the mountains and the prairies. My inspiration comes from the many photos I take while travelling, hiking and biking. Throughout my life I have been fascinated by the beauty and complexity of nature around me. My intention is to convey my love and respect of nature through art, not only for simple enjoyment, but also to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them and to discover the amazing beauty of the outdoors. As a result, my subject matter is usually from nature, viewed from a close perspective and painted in the style of realism. Rocks tend to be my favourite subject – they have fascinated me from a very young age and throughout my career as a geologist. I am especially drawn to paint subjects with reflections and a strong contrast of light and dark. In my rock and water paintings I try to create a feeling of serenity, relaxation, and quiet.  I use acrylic paint on either canvas or board.  My painting process begins with a drawing and then I paint this in just one colour but with different values of light and dark. Finally I add many layers of colour, usually using earth tones, to create an image with depth and interest. I love the thrill I get when I am able to create a three dimensional image in just two dimensions.  

I am an active member of several art groups and have been showing and selling my art since 2015.