I am is a self-taught artist living in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and crazy Golden Retriever. I was born in Boise, Idaho and lived in several cities in the States before my family moved to Calgary when I was a young.  After attending the University of Calgary and obtaining degrees in Pure Mathematics and Geology, I embarked on an exciting 25 year career as a geologist. Along the way I gained a husband, two kids and a Golden Retriever. When I retired, I took up painting and my favourite subjects to paint are, not surprisingly, rocks. They have fascinated me from a very young age. When I was young my family would make cross-country road trips and at each stop I would collect rocks (while my parents discarded ones from the last stop).   While I still collect rocks, I enjoy painting them just as much.  My “rocks in water” paintings are my favourites as I enjoy creating a 3 dimensional look on a 2 dimensional canvas. I begin my painting process with a value painting – using only one colour but with different values of light and dark. I then build up many thin layers of colour to create the illusion of depth and form. I also paint other elements from nature and appreciate the wonderful beauty and outdoor experiences that the mountains and prairies of Western Canada offer. When not painting, I enjoy photography, biking, hiking, travelling and tennis.