After working as an exploration geologist for over 20 years, I retired and took up painting.  It started with an “Arts Combo” class through the City of Calgary Recreation.  From there I took “Acrylic Painting Basics”, also through the City of Calgary.  Since those classes I have been mostly self taught using the internet and books.   I particularly enjoy painting nature; especially rocks and birds.  I have had a passion for rocks all of my life and this is just another way to express my love of geology.   I usually paint from photographs taken while travelling, hiking, biking or cross-country skiing.

I don’t have a fancy painting studio – in fact when we had house renovations a few years ago we just enlarged our laundry room and it is now a combo: laundry room/painting studio/filing and printer room.  It is small and cozy and has a great window for natural light.  I also have a TV there, and while I paint, I catch up on old TV shows.